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Personal Injury

Our personal injury specialists deal with a variety of personal injury claims and can act under a ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement known as a Conditional Fee Agreement.

Serious Personal Injury

We have experience in dealing with catastrophic injuries including brain and spinal injuries.

Spinal Injuries

These injuries can result in the need for 24 hour care and for adaptations to be made to properties in the most serious cases. In less serious injuries there is often a reasonable recovery by the use of appropriate rehabilitation.

Brain Injuries

Serious brain injuries will result in the need for extensive care and rehabilitation. Sometimes remarkable recoveries can be made. In less serious cases it can be difficult to assess the affect of the injury so it is important that the right experts are instructed to report on the extent of the injury.

Road Traffic Accidents

Often liability for the accident will not be in dispute but in those cases where liability is an issue it is important that witness statements are obtained as soon as possible and, if appropriate, an accident re-construction report is obtained. Don’t let your insurer bamboozle you into choosing a solicitor for you. Make your own choice!

Employer’s Liability / Injuries at Work

The work place is a major source of accidents despite strict health and safety regulations. It is not possible to go into detail with regard to the different types of accident in this summary but they include by way of example; injuries caused because of lack of training, defective equipment, lack of proper equipment, defective premises, negligent co-workers

Claims by Pedestrians

Often hit by cars when crossing the road. Just because a pedestrian is in the road does not give a motorist the right to drive into them!

Cycling Accidents

Unfortunately these are too frequent as a result of motorists not keeping a proper look-out. Cyclists should help themselves to be seen when possible by wearing bright clothes if possible and always using lights at night.

Motorcycle Claims

As with cyclists often caused by lack of attention by a motorist BUT also the motor cyclist’s excess speed and overtaking in inappropriate circumstances. The motor cyclist’s compensation is often significantly reduced because of their own contributory negligence so it is important to rebut this allegation whenever possible.

Claims Against Uninsured Drivers/Hit & Run

A lot of people think that they will be unable to make a claim if the other vehicle is not insured or does not stop. This is not true.

Holiday Accident & Travel Claims

Easier to make in package holiday cases but still possible for other types of holiday. Car accidents are a major cause of injuries and can often be dealt with through the courts in England if they occurred in Europe.

Industrial Diseases & Work Related Illnesses

Asbestos claims are probably the best known but there are a variety of different illnesses that can be caused by poor working conditions or lack of adequate protective equipment.

Claims by Members of the Armed Forces

Not really any different from claims that any other employee may be able to make.

Slipping & Tripping Accidents

These claims are notoriously difficult particularly if there is not good evidence of what caused the accident. Get good photographs and measurements (showing the depth of any pothole, height of protruding paving slab etc as soon as possible.

Sports Injuries

These claims are not very common and it can be difficult to prove negligence but are worth investigating e.g. reckless tackle in a football match, inadequate instructions from a coach.

Criminal Injury Compensation Claims

These claims are made to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (“CICA”) and have their own set of rules. Legal advice is not always necessary but we advise that legal advice should be sought before agreeing to the settlement of any claim or if the CICA reject your claim.

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