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How can separated parents use a handover book to simplify arrangements for their children?

The Handover Book

When parents separate it is often difficult for them to communicate over arrangements for the children.  A Handover Book has been produced as a simple and effective way for parents to communicate, helping everyone to know what is happening and when.

The long term aim of the Handover Book is to improve communication between the parents but initially the Handover Book is designed to reduce conflict and offer children the opportunity to see their parents working together.

The Handover Book is also designed to enable the children to participate, to have a voice and express their needs in the book.

The Book can act as a valuable reference and deal with practicalities such as contact arrangements, sharing important information about health needs and appointments, education, food likes and dislikes, bathroom and bedtime routines.

The Handover Book costs £20 and further information can be found at www.thehandoverbook.co.uk.

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