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How enforceable is the Living Wage

The National Minimum Wage (NMW) has ensured that everyone gets a minimum amount of pay per hour, anyone paid less than this can bring a legal claim against their employer for the difference in pay received and the NMW.

However, the government has introduced the National Living Wage (NLW), which is mandatory for workers aged 25 and above, and is currently set at £7.50.  For workers aged under 25, though, the NLW is not mandatory, and employers can choose either to pay them more, or to stick to the mandatory NMW. It’s important to remember that the National Minimum Wage is mandatory across the board, regardless of an employee’s age. Continue reading

Can’t pay – Can they really take it away?

The popularity of programmes portraying the day to day encounters that High Court Enforcement Officers have with individuals and businesses highlights the sheer amount of personal and business debt in the UK today.  According to figures provided by the Money Charity, it is thought that the average debt per adult (including mortgage payments) is £30,277.  This is more than 114% of the average wage. Continue reading

The Rights of Grandparents

In a divorce, nobody really comes out of the process a ‘winner’. Difficulties between former spouses can sour relationships not just between them, but throughout the wider family group too. Courts do their very best to protect the interests and the wellbeing of the most vulnerable members of the family, the children. What about the older relatives? In a divorce situation, what rights do grandparents have, and how should they deal with what is always a very painful and emotional situation? Continue reading

Naomi House & Jacksplace Will Fortnight

We are once again pleased to be supporting Naomi House and Jacksplace with their will fortnight.


This will run until the 10th November, so if you need a Will and would rather make a donation to this very worthwhile local charity then please contact our Private Client teams at either the Lansdowne or Highcliffe Office for further information.

Bournemouth Hospital Charity Will Fortnight

We are once again very happy to be supporting the Bournemouth Hospital Charity Will Fortnight this year. Until the 22 September we are taking appointments to prepare Wills and participants are invited to make a donation to the charity.

Every year the hospital benefits greatly from the generosity of people who have left gifts in their Wills. This is a great opportunity to remember a department or help fund additional equipment, staff training and improvements to the hospital environment for patients.

Spaces are limited so if you are interested in supporting this worthwhile charity please follow the link below to the charity website:


Dementia and the Power of Attorney

One of the fastest growing health issues in UK society is the seemingly relentless rise in dementia. This terrifying category of diseases combined with an older population means that it’s never been more important to get your affairs in order as early as possible. But if dementia does take hold, at what point do you hand over responsibility to a nominated person and grant them Power of Attorney over your financial affairs? And what alternatives do you have? Continue reading

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